Monday, September 27, 2010

Moday Madness

Hey, I've been bad about posting!  Its been a huge adjustment.  If you didn't know already:  we are expecting a new addition in our family.  I'm in my second trimester--its exciting & so much added work at the same time!

You see, its fall & we just moved into a house.  I have not had a chance to organize like I wanted to do...First, can't lift heavy boxes; unable to work for long hours without regretting it for two-three days afterward!  So, I called in some reinforcements!  Sadly I don't have extended family within driving distance--meaning come visit for a day & help me out--so I called on a close friend to help me.  I called the right lady!  She knows about organization & has already been a huge help.  She's coming over the next few days after work to continue to help me.  See, I didn't get the organizational training I should have--so this Domestic Diva-in-training has a lot to learn before little baby arrives in February!  If you know someone like this that is more than willing to help; I say enlist that help & have them show you how they do it (don't just sit there while they do it)!

 Now all my cleaning products are together downstairs, I have a place for my extra pantry items that don't fit in the kitchen.  We have moved boxes down to the basement & started sorting them in groups:  "get rid of or sell"  "keep" & "sort through" boxes.  Its partially done.  I have some baby items to go through today!   See, most of the stuff I have now were from my childhood, so some of it could be gender neutral or for a boy (I was a tomboy growing up)--I just have to look through & keep the ones I think are still safe that baby could play with!

This is so exciting...I have so much to learn: from parenting books to scheduling, from organization to cleaning plans, how to truly be a domestic diva & a mommy!  Its also grueling at times--especially with my allergies being worse than usual (yay for pregnancy!)...

So, hope you didn't leave your Monday full of madness from the weekend!  Keep striving to be that amazing housewife you know you can be!