Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Takes Time...

Well, I can't believe how fast the past few weeks have blown by for me.  It seems like its only been a little while but then I see I haven't blogged in weeks!!!!  Oh my, what is going on!

I think sometimes life get's busy & you have to take time to focus on what really matters.  Yes, blogging is enjoyable for me & I hope it either helps or inspires others to take time to contemplate their life.  When you feel overwhelmed or a lot is going on, you have to let some things go...sadly, this blog, while completely enjoyable, had to take a backseat to my kids, home & other decisions that needed to be made.  We are just getting settled with learning how homeschool is going to work in our day to day lives.  It can be challenging to change the way things have been going to accommodate for a whole new structure in your lives.

Along with prayerfully visiting area churches to really find something alive, genuine, real, who understand what being led by the Holy Spirit is & what being led by the Holy Spirit isn't.  Its hard to find people like that nowadays let alone a fellowship of believers who mostly exemplify these qualities.  I can barely find friends who are willing to put their smart phones down while going to "hang out" on a evening.  So, we keep visiting & liking some churches more than others--this is going to require much prayer & direction because we have no clue now where we are going.  We need somewhere that our kids are going to learn how to really live a true, honest, loving Christian life & not just pay lip-service to it as they do what they want.

All these things were taking up much of my thought life & time everyday.  I've been digging through a lot of personal emotions too that have been holding me down.  i wonder why so many of us let ourselves coast emotionally, spiritually & physically as we go along in life.  This coasting doesn't keep us in a constant good!  In fact, it actually is like a pond that used to have an inlet & an outlet but was physically dammed up to protect the land from all the floods that would come when storms hit.  Sadly, protecting from bad floods set the pond up to become putrid & stagnant.  Stagnancy doesn't preserve, it spoils the water & makes it unusable.

The same thing goes for our emotional & spiritual well-being.  If we try to "coast" & not allow ANY emotion to be felt, we not only stop the bad feelings, we also stop the good things as well.  It makes our heart mucky & sees negative thoughts, it thinks what it shouldn't & lends to leaving open cracks for Satan's fiery darts to hit us.  We think we are avoiding any problems when "damming up our hearts" actually causes the more harm than we realize.  You cannot stay healthy and coast on God's Word.  You have to allow yourself to guard your heart through constantly challenging your thoughts, knowledge, feelings, beliefs on His Word.  Only then can we deal with ourselves.  Praying & allowing us to feel the Holy Spirit will open you up to feeling other emotions but they must be under self-control.  We need to understand God doesn't want us to be emotional vacuums;  God wants us to know how to handle them & ignoring them isn't the answer because it is what makes our hearts sick.  Coasting makes us just shove down all feelings.  If you ignore bad feelings long enough, you will feel nothing in the good times either.  You can't choose what not to feel without immediate prayer & learned wisdom....God doesn't want you to shove down or ignore your feelings.  He wants to redeem your thoughts & take away the negative ones so you aren't burdened with them.

So, I recently did that & boy, my life has been a bit of a challenge lately.  Sometimes I cry when I am upset & I am learning to surround myself with Godly things to get my thought life in order.  The more negative things I cut out & the more I am paying attention to my thoughts, the more I am able to take the bad thoughts captive.  I feel more free emotionally...I can feel things again & I am feeling emotions, both good & bad, more than I've done in a long while.  I feel I am also able to empathize better now that I feel the release of all the things that were blocking me up both emotionally & spiritually.

So, a challenge for you:

IF You are coasting emotionally or spiritually, please listen to someone (ME) who has done this for 8 years now:  STOP!  Get someone who knows about spiritual warfare to pray for you either from a Spirit-filled churches (those are the ones that actually let the Holy Spirit change things up once in a while if need be) or find a friend that you can pray with about this for as long as needed until you have let go of anything holding you from being emotionally healthy.

For those of you who are in tough situations:  don't lose heart & don't try to close up emotionally to lock away the won't just lock away pain, you will close off good feelings too!  And if you feel a desire to self-harm, know that is not from God, that is a fiery dart from Satan to destroy you emotionally, spiritually & physically.  Find someone who will listen, pray for you wholeheartedly & give you honest, Biblical advice--someone who is real & honest.  Just please don't try to fight this without Jesus either.

If you feel this way & do not know God or what Jesus Christ did for all the nastiness & wrong behavior/attitudes inside of us that we are ashamed of....please be sure to either contact me, another follower of Christ locally or even ask the Almighty God & Creator of the Universe to send someone your way as soon as possible.  For true emotional/spiritual freedom, you need to know God personally & you can't do that without knowing what God did for you & those things you can't seem to master on your own.   Stop trying to do life yourself....its so much better when you have not only God on your side but a "church", a group of believers to help you as you struggle at times through life, & for someone to share the amazing joys that come from being free in what Jesus has done.  Below is a conversation & prayer you can have with God to begin a relationship with Him through what Jesus did for us.  If you want more information, look at the book of John & Romans in the New Testanment of the Bible.

You can also go to WikiHow How to Accept Jesus into your life... (Yes, there is a WikiHow on this!)

So, it isn't an overnight thing to get yourself from stagnant & dammed up to having a healthy flow of emotions & the Hold Spirit helping sift out the bad  as you resist the temptation to act in the wrong way based on what you're feeling.  Having the emotions of anger, sadness, worry, etc aren't bad, its when we let them turn our thoughts negative & towards a wrong response or action that we do something wrong.  Hurt people, like me, we all need to learn how to let them go to God & to refuse to give in to them through mulling over them or using them as an excuse to lash out.

That is all for now....I hope to blog next week sometime.  See you then!