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For those of you looking for the best deals for kids clothes based on wear, style & also finding uniforms...I have two suggestions:

1)  Old Navy beats even Walmart on prices along with comfort & style choices.  I will post pics of it all when it comes.  I did get it in a size or two bigger for frugal reasons so he grows into them.

Unlike many of the other "uniform" lines (like at Walmart), they have distinctive differences between the girl & boy uniforms.  I can tell which is which & they have cute uniform school dresses to mix it up with as well & the sweaters, both for boys & girls, are adorable.

I also got some clothes for the big, little guy who is pushing toward 2T even before his 2nd birthday in September.  I just love Old Navy's style...they have a good mix of trends to fit every personality.

I look at one outfit & say "That's totally my oldest" and another "That's my TJ" but they also (especially on those sales like this week) are very affordable.

I just cry when I see some prices on kids shoes & clothes, knowing my kid isn't going to be wearing them next year & I will be lucky if some remained unstained to pass to the younger one as something other than "play clothes."

Hence my second place to find clothes (besides the odd buy at Walmart here & there for PJs or something cute)

2)  Goodwill....yes, I know, its thrift shopping but with school uniforms & kids clothes you get more for your money.  So many people just give away what hasn't been worn!  You can get wonderful, barely-used clothes for fractions of what it cost that family who were silly enough to buy it the first time at full price.  I just laugh & pay $2 for it.  

So, before you blow all your money (like I sometimes do) at Old Navy, check out Goodwill & other consignments/thrift stores; you will be surprised at what you can find there first!

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I have started a Teachers Pay Teachers account to download the things I come up with for school.  I will keep you posted when I put stuff up there for you to check out!  Domestic Diva TPT

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