Friday, June 11, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!!!

I'm so glad it's Friday!  I am looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend.  We haven't settled the issue with our former landlord, but its happening probably this weekend or beginning of next week.  All I know is she isn't getting all that she asked for & we want the difference on our rent deposit.  This will all be hopefully cleared up when we confront her about these charges.

Enough of that.  The new house is getting arranged.  We should have the kitchen done today (it is taking longer due to boxes with miscellaneous things in them that belong to different rooms).  Then onto my office in the basement, which will open up the living room to get it organized!  Been lacking in energy, but I think its the settling & just being a woman...we all understand that. 

I started a garden when we first moved to the new house & its coming along nicely.  We have tomatoes, green beans, all kinds of peppers, herbs, mints, pumpkins, watermelon, acorn squash.  All that is left to plant are carrots & asparagus.  :)  Next year we will get more planted because we will have all spring to get started.  We already have an apple tree, peach trees, pear trees, walnut trees, pecan tree, and cherry trees on the property.  This will lend to lots of canning I think.  Yay for food from your own land!

This Friday is fabulous because everything is coming together.  I hope you all are having a great day & do something special for yourself tonight or tomorrow.  You deserve it & should do something you like aside from the normal everyday jobs.  It helps you maintain your domestic diva status & keeps you in a good mood for next week!