Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Madness!!

OK ladies...I know, its been waaaay too long!  I have a good reason.  Joy of joys I am expecting a little one!  I just recently got past the first trimester of tiredness & luckily not huge sickness.  So, now I feel ready to start up again. 

Its been a mad house with unpacking (we just moved into a new house) and gardening.  Then we had a little surprise.  It wasn't too much--we were about to start trying to have a baby, just happened a month or so earlier than we expected.  Its very exciting & new to feel all this change.  But I'm trying to still get my domestic diva duties going as much as possible.  Today was the first day I could get quite a bit done--though I didn't overdue it (did that last week with the laundry & ended up taking three days to recover!!) I took a nap when I was tired & quit before I got utterly exhausted.

Enough of that.  I realized we had not set any plans for chores or organization on when & how often things were to be done & by whom.  So, that's what my hubby & I did today.  It felt great.  We are taking a new policy we didn't use before:  Set aside time to do chores & then what's left can be to do whatever you want.  So, we are taking a hour after dinner to get smaller daily chores done (& my hubby's chores so he doesn't have chores & "honey do" on the weekends).  We want our family to understand the importance of getting what needs to be done first & then taking time to enjoy life.  We want a balance in both areas--we feel its important to instill a hard work ethic but also an understanding of taking time to do the things you want & enjoy doing as well.  Both are necessary to maintain not only sanity but strength to get the big things in life accomplished.

My next goal is to get a new meal plan together.  I have to plan on me eating less during dinner (what with my snacking healthily every two hours) & keep tabs on what we have in the house as food.  We've had too many wasted leftovers & unused food being thrown out & non-perishables just sitting on shelves as we buy new food.  New policy:  Use what you have before you buy something new.  Set a food budget & if we go past it, we make due with what we have.  That will be hard, since we got into a habit of buying whatever sounds good, but I know that can change & it will save us money too!

This Monday has been great but crazy.  We've gotten alot started, now I have to finish the plans so we can put them into motion. I want to set a good example of balancing your life for my baby right from the start.  As a very wise friend told me almost a year ago:  Begin as you mean to go.  I plan on taking that stance as my husband & I raise our new one to come later.