Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tipful Thursdays

Hello ladies...It sure takes a while to get things in order after having a baby!  Its been two months since my DS's (Dear Son) birth & I'm finally getting the time to blog today.

How exciting its been (and tiring) learning all about how to care for this new life as a mommy.  My little man is finally sleeping at 5-6 hour stretches at night, so I am getting to sleep actually rather than just nap, which has helped me with being able to actually function a bit more normally the past few days.  I'm hoping this keeps up.

One thing that has gone down the drain is the house.  Not quite the domestic diva I would like to be, but I am sure that will come back with time.  Just got to get my stamina back as I am able to sleep better & get us on a schedule. 

Its amazing how one moment you are free and the next you have to run off to "save the day" for your little baby.  It can make doing anything take 2-3X as long to complete.  Its shocking to realize just how big a change that a baby brings to a marriage & family.

I can't wait to really get all this down so I feel more normal again.  I know its possible to get all this done, its getting the strength back & mental with-to-it-ness to be able to focus on something other than baby & then yourself all day.

So here's to readjusting so I can be a domestic diva again!  However long it takes, I'm ready to get this going again!  :)