Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!!!

Wowee, Friday is here already!  You should see all the goodies surrounding my kitchen!  I've been taking it slower than I did yesterday.  I'm learning that if you "go, go, go"  multiple days in a row when pregnant, you have to sleep it off for multiple days later too.  So, I am learning the art of taking my time & not trying to be perfect. 

Yes, being a domestic diva doesn't mean you are super-wife or uber-mommy that does everything right when it should be done or is always there to do the absolute perfect thing.  Yes, you get things done when they NEED to get done & you are there at the RIGHT times, but trying to always be "on" stresses you out.  Take time to read that magazine the day it comes in the mail.  Sit down & enjoy your lunch.  Take time to actually play with your child.  Stop & pet your cat or dog and then play with them.  Buy the Pillsbury cookie dough from Sam's club that has no preservatives & keep them on hand for "treats" instead of always making them from scratch (trust me, my hubby is picky & can't even tell the difference)!  Make a good but simple dinner that has everything in one dish--you don't have to cook a gourmet meal every night to be a great wife & mom!  Find time to get back to a favorite hobby or two--just don't go overboard!

The part that makes you a domestic diva is taking the little things & making moments with your family.  Taking the time to let someone know, face to face, that you love them with not only your hard work at home, but with your words & affection.  Its showing others how to take time for themselves by not being involved in every event or church/social outing.  Its knowing when to go out of your way & when to say "NO, I need time for myself or my family."

This is how you have a fabulous life:  Fix what you can change & don't worry about what you can't.  Just be smart enough to think about which is which--some prayer might be useful in this case. Seriously, you don't have to do EVERYTHING & be EVERYTHING.  You should only do & be who & what you are!  If that is not enough for anyone else, then they are bad friends. 

Enjoy your life, don't wish it were different; don't look at the "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" in life--you know, the "what ifs"-- they will burn you in the end because, simply put, they don't matter.  That is not what happened & you can't change it.  You are responsible for finding joy in the things that are happening now.  If you want to feel fabulous most of your life, don't try wishing it were better.  I heard a friend say last week"  "If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it means you need to start watering yours more."