Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Change of Scenery

If you read my latest post, you know I have been gone on vacation.  I was using it as recuperation & change of scenery to get my body, mind & soul back on track.  I've been a little off kilter for longer than I would like to admit.  In fact, I am not really certain when it started, all I know is I haven't felt like "me" for a long time.  I let it get so bad I fell into depression & spiraled down to where I had no motivation to do anything for myself or even for others.  I felt empty & it was something I never wanted to feel again.

Wow, how two weeks can change that!!!  Especially the last week at the ocean.

I got more exercise than I have gotten in 2-3 years combined from all the swimming, moving our luggage, walking & running with the kids.  It jumped me into getting back into shape & strangely revived my energy (even though I felt I was going to die the first few days).  I got a good cry in (sadly with thanks to my hubby & FIL being crabby) but I needed it so bad, I am sort of grateful for the situation.  I think I was extra sensitive due to all that has happened lately with the past year being so stressful on our marriage, not having the same contact with my family (out of choice but still not fun), having a dear friend pass away from his stage four cancer & other drama....It all came on so fast, especially last month.  I didn't have any time to cry & let it all out.  From church to packing fora trip to my birthday & fixing the issues that came up with the house, there was no time to sit down & let it out.  I stuffed it down & didn't know how to bring it back up.  I had felt my depression (I had successfully started to crawl out of it earlier in June) come back full swing & I was not happy.  SO glad to see what two weeks of change in atmosphere & place can do for a person (plus the added child watchers helped a bunch too)!

I got to go to the beach so many times & really get into the ocean but also spend time seeing my kids experience the sand & the waves.  By the time we left, our 3 year old was no longer scared of the waves, I felt much healthier, & we all left with a sense of being ready to be at home.

So I have now returned with a new vigor to keep things the way I want them to be in my house, but for me (not just for my hubby or my kids or the visitor I hide the clutter from).  I have been reading "The Joy of Being Disorganized" by Pam Young. You can guy the book here by clicking on this:  Joy of Being Disorganized.  Its been a huge help in understanding why my house goes from super clean to horribly messing is such a short time.  I am not done with it yet, so I will not post a book review until I have finished the book.

What joy & peace there was for the whole family to come home to a clean house!  No dishes to run, no items scattered all over & only some laundry to put away along with the items in our suitcase.  It was the first time this has happened before we left on a trip & then returned.  I am usually packing at the last minute & the house is a mess trying to get what I need in the car.  This time I packed starting a week early & left the last minute time for making sure things looked tidy, I didn't forget those last items, & doing a load of dishes.

I was so pleased at the condition of the home, I am frantically trying to get all of our items unpacked this  weekend so I can have a clean main part of the house & bedrooms.  Then, I can work on the half basement & getting homeschooling preparations complete.  Much of the prep for doing homeschooling is done, I mostly have to put the stuff away from my MIL & GIL, shop for some minor craft supplies & finish uniform/clothing shopping this upcoming weekend.

So, my goal is to take things one step at a time & be sure to set a schedule with good pacing for someone creative like me.  I think that is why I am looking forward to home school with my kids....the chance to use my creativity to teach them.  I will have to learn to meter it with house chores during their "quiet time" & naps.

Its been a long time since I felt this way, but I feel motivated & ready to get up & get going with life again.  I pray it will stay this way--that the changes will last.  I want to see my home at peace with joy & cleanliness & order.  I look forward to how this will unfold this year.

I will post pics of the little ones in my next post about my vacation details....I haven't gotten them all uploaded onto my computer yet...until then, enjoy these beach photos!