Friday, July 11, 2014

Time Goes By...

I know, I know....Its been years since I have written a blog here.  I could give you a list of excuses as long as the hallway through my house on why I haven't posted anything:  from extended family drama to having a 2nd kid 18 months after my first one & dealing with all the craziness of just understanding me now as I move completely from being responsible for me to being a mommy responsible day in & out for shaping the minds & actions of two little boys now into toddler-hood full swing.

BUT NO,  let's just say I've been on a leave of absence & maybe over the next months I will take time now to blog my thoughts of all that has transpired...not to get a pity party for me but to show you where I've been & what I have grown towards over the past couple years.

I want to give hope to those who feel beat down by life & even, maybe, by others (sometimes intentional & mostly--I hope--unintentional).  I hope that maybe sharing some of my struggles & successes will help you feel more like you are not alone in how you feel sometimes.  I want you to see you can get through whatever life throws in your face, even if you stumble & fall before you get up & keep going.  We all have those moments in life & we need to accept them, learn life's lesson & keep going a better person than we were before circumstances happen.

Now, before anyone speculates children are both well & healthy, my hubby & I just celebrated 8 yrs of marriage this past May despite the craziness of the past year & we are still living in the same place as we did since my last blog in 2011....all the major stuff hasn't changed or caused the break in my life....mostly its been an emotional journey for me that I must share along the way as I also talk about my day to day life now.

My oldest is moving into being home schooled in preschool this year & he has already voiced some personal goals I hope I can help him achieve including:  understanding how clocks & time works & learning to read.  This are advantageous goals but I don't want to discourage him from it if he really wants to here goes nothing in that area. He already knows his alphabet, some phonics, his numbers to 20, shapes & a few other things....oh & his potty training anniversary is in October!!!  Its amazing how much they learn in the first 3 years of life--it astounds me & amazes me!

My younger little boy is just learning to talk & has been learning quickly how to express wants but not to good at understanding that sometimes expression of what we want doesn't mean its going to happen (like wanting to go "outside" the moment we wake up. Seriously!  Its "Hello, my mommy..........GO OUTSIDE?!").  I think we are 2 of the 3 indicators that potty training will happen soon....just looking for that interest in no longer being in diapers & we are a "go."  

I am still, obviously, a stay at home mom, & mostly loving it (though some days I want to run away screaming, but that's just what life can be like sometimes).  I may not always have a clean house or be the perfect mommy, but I am learning how to succeed in this one day at a time...and that's all I can do, be better the next day.

So, I leave you with this & hope to see that people take something from this.  I will be going on a much needed vacation (more on that when I get back in 2 weeks) so expect to see a new post in a couple of weeks here.

Blessings to all of you & enjoy this life!