Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crazy & Lazy Days

With having two little toddler boys, I feel like I have a lot of roller coaster days & weeks that go all over the place.  One day all is well, the kids do mostly what they are told & I get more done that I expected --because you plan to do all these things but really know you are only going to get maybe 2-3 of them done.  Those are good days.  Great days are when you get 4, maybe 5 things on your "list" done...it's mommy nirvana!  I can sit & do something I want after the kids go to bed--those are the days.

I love & yearn for those days that come less often as I have two toddler boys in the house that are 18 months apart.  Yes, its full on crazy most days trying to keep up with their messes or staying with them outside to let them wreak havoc out there rather than in my home.  There is the daily "lock you in your playroom like its a detention center for toddlers."  Love that.  I either get to finish a chore my oldest can't help me with or finish my meal & coffee fill up.  I am lucky to get the kids clothed, fed twice (with a snack or two thrown in when they are "growing", like everyday), taught something do chores, to a nap (I do chores, they nap) & playing again.  Me time, I try to make myself get it during kids' nap time. Sometimes it happens & sometimes I don't get any "me" time until a hour after the kids fall asleep, not go to bed, fall asleep (sometimes that comes a bit after the "get back into bed/stop talking or yelling/no more banging or you're gonna regret it" line a couple times with appropriate discipline usually instilled).  So, yes, most days are crazy days with some great things that bring joy & others that bring frustration, maybe some anger from time to time.   

Then there are these days that come like a light at the end of the tunnel of endless crazy days.  The lazy day.  Now, this isn't always the weekend days.  No, those days usually get more crazy for mommy with another "male" in the house.  Don't get me wrong, the hubby does help out & he always takes poopy diaper duty on the weekends (THANK YOU!).    Lazy days are days when all is right with the "world" you live in here.  The chores are done, the house looks like normal people live in it not "noise with dirt on it" running around spreading mess everywhere they are able.  All the stars align & you have a chance to take a step back to breathe & enjoy life--to really see where you are at, maybe thank God for what you have.  Those days I need more than I receive right now, but as I learn to maintain my house better they are coming more frequently.  I am learning to maintain & do the work before I try to take a needed day for myself.   It becomes a true lazy day.

When I do what I can do, even when I feel not my best, I can step back & notice I don't have much to accomplish.  My days are free from worry when I need to take a breather.  I can truly relax.  So what I thought were lazy days used to be really "ignore the mountain of work & chores I have to do because I need to have some fun before I go crazy."  Those are rejuvenating because you know that you have to make the house clean tomorrow.  You can't relax, really relax, knowing the ton of work that greets you the next day.  With the idea of maintaining, I know I have a little to do everyday to keep things the way I want, so if I miss a day, its not the end of the world.  That is, as long as I do extra chores spread out the rest of the week.

So, are you being able to relax or are you just stopping the madness because you have to take time for yourself before you go crazy.  One of these is not ideal.  It just took me years to figure it out--hello to epiphany!  I was sick yesterday but I did everything in my ability & then prayed that God do the rest, so I could get some chores done.  By mid/late morning I was on my feet & ready to go, praise God, feeling much better.  I got just what I needed to get done.  I managed to have some "hubby & me time" doing an online MMO RPG we play together when we actually have free time.  So nice to not feel that nagging & reminders of all I have to do still while doing that game because it was all done for that day.  Anything else was what I was supposed to do tomorrow.

So, I guess this is a challenge....try to see how you can maintain rather than constantly run behind trying to catch up.  Maybe that's getting your kids & spouse involved more.  Maybe its working hard for a week or two & getting ahead, then starting daily chores & weekly chores.  Maybe that is starting a mommy cleaning club (group of moms take one week each month & rotate each week with who's house they help get cleaner) or hiring some help.  Whatever you need to do, try to find a way on top of the mess.  Its so much better up here!