Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fabulous Fridays (a day late)

Well yesterday wasn't as fab a Friday as I would like.  I got a new cell phone & realized its a horribly rated phone & mine won't charge.  I am working with my hubby to request choosing another phone maybe.  It will prob add $10 a month to our bill cuz I will need to have limited internet access.  But its worth not having a problem phone that even a new replacement will crap out in 6 months to a year.  I feel bad!  I should've looked at the reviews!  At least they give you 30 days to say "Um, I want another phone!"  Still feel stupid.  I loved how the phone looked but  I don't need a problem phone. 

Talked with my husband & we agreed that staying with the phone is, after a bunch of calls decided it was just as inexpensive to go to the store as it was to wait for the bad phone to get back to Verizon, them to return my upgrade back to what it was, then buy the new phone I want.  We went to the store & it ended up being free!!  So, awesome!  I have a much better rated phone without all the need for internet & stuff I don't need because I am at home.  So yay, but not yay to all the phone calls & stress the bad phone calls caused.  Lesson learned: always look at the reviews & consumer reports of items (even phones) before you buy.  Its worth avoiding the hassle & stress when you "pick" a bad product.  Plus, the Charter digital internet couldn't be put in (we switched to the new "deal" b/c it would save us more than just internet--shocking) because there were 150 other boxes waiting to be activated before us & the system got bogged down.  We rescheduled & I was glad.  Having to deal with internet & the phone was making me go crazy...

My day  wasn't what I wanted it to be--hardly any chores got done, I forgot to eat lunch & ate dinner late.  BAD idea because today I feel like crap (due to lack of substantial food yesterday) and I'm trying to convince my body everything is ok.

Well, I'm sure all that was boring but