Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Madness

I'm sorry ladies for the sporadic blogs...from winter weather to Aunt Flo--its been crazy & not fun.  I'm still not at my top but I insisted on doing something around the house.  I somehow pulled a muscle in my back and have to take a bunch of advil to function.  AH, but I still did some work!!  I refuse to not start on tasks that have been sitting for days.  So, I went & did the dishes & swept gingerly (so not to hurt my back)...I'm feeling rather "When did I turn 80!!"  and figured out its probably my poor posture causing the issues.

I'm on a focus to start sitting & standing up properly so I don't get back aches anymore!  I will let you know how that goes...well, its time to get dinner started & finish the rest of my chores!  Keep working hard & hope your Monday was nicer than my mad Monday!!