Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Madness

What a crazy weekend.  I got all these crazy things going on:  winter storm, wonder where Aunt Flo was ( she was three weeks late & scared me!!), convincing a neighborhood cat that he is not healthy enough to venture out in the wild, cold world as of yet. 

So, first, winter but kinda locked us in our house for a few days.  I really enjoyed going outside, but not what else caused me to not have as much fun:  wondering why my "monthly gift" was three weeks late.  Then, I started getting tired, the breast soreness & moodiness---made me nervous my hubby & I may have been expecting!!  But alas, if I was pregnant, I'm not now--Aunt Flo has come in full horrific force & she is causing much pain for me...bring on the Midol, calcium & chocolate!  I feel horrible!  Where's my martini??  Oh wait, I don't have a butler or maid---have to make that one myself.  So, either way, I'm a little peeved at the lateness of this month.  Put me in an awful scare, screwed up my hormones & is making me feel lousy!  So, Monday madness is put off until this situation is cured.  Anyone else had a month like this??  I was all ready to deal with the fact we were possibly expecting--we couldn't get out to town sooner because of the storm, so I guess I won't know if this is just period or a I really care right now, not particularly--I know God knows what's best & we really want to wait until the end of 2010 to start a family.  I don't mind having an answer about this, but do I have to be in this much pain?!!  OH well, grab me some vitamins, spinach, milk & trusty midol--things should get better by tomorrow!! (I've got stuff to do around this house!)

Hope this Monday finds you mad in a good way!  And I hope you are having a better month that me--guess its not that bad, but I hate feeling incapacitated! 

Oh, check out my new blog template!  Its for February!  Welcome the month of love!