Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multi-Monthly Madness

I need to inform you of all that has been going on.  I may have to take a hiatus from blogging until everything is settled...with that said upfront; here is the past week:

Everything was going well, I finally got the second bedroom cleared out more so it doesn't feel so cramped in there--granted there are still some boxes but its not the "tower of boxes."  I felt satisfied.  Then, on Thursday last week, our lessor called me to tell me some serious news.  (You see, we moved about 6 months ago to the state we are at now because of needing to find a job before my husband was officially laid off from his job.  We had no time to sell & find a new house, so we have been renting a house). Well, come to find out, their bank informed them that they cannot keep the house unless they: A. move back in & make it their primary residence B. Refinance it as a rental mortgage & not a regular mortgage C. Put the house up for sale & no longer own it.  If they do not do one of these things, the bank will take the house from them on March 12th.  So, with only three days for them to make a decision (they asked for more time due to the fact they had renters & needed to give themselves more time & thus us more time to make a decision--they basically told them "Tough sh** that's your problem."  So, we were told they were putting the house up for sale. 

We now need to find a place to live.  My hubby & I researched & found it will be better for us to buy a house now than rent, since we have acquired the neighborhood cat & will not leave him behind since he's been getting attacked by an animal.  So, not only do we have to get the most out of our taxes.  We need to find out how much we will have to close on a house to decide what kind of loan we want & whether we can afford a conventional loan as opposed to an FHA.  Its all a tough decision.  Then we have to get a buyer agent & find a house we love & are willing to stay in for a while.

To make matters more stressful, our lessors aren't very good at picking a realtor for their house & he's a jerk!  OK, I've had a Realtor before and known how to choose one.  First, this man didn't even look at the walls (I would've suggested the owner fill in huge nail holes & repaint), he took 15 min to walk through the house, inside & out (our took at least an hour, if not, longer cuz she knew we wanted to sell fast).  He made no comments about what to improve.  All he could say to me (not the owner) "My you have a lot of stuff everywhere!"  So I responded (a little miffed)  "Well, that's what happens when you get laid off, have to move & sell your 1800 plus square foot house & move into a 1400 minus square foot house."  He had the balls to mention it twice!!  Then I guess he & the owners were talking & before they got here & he asked if I was from IN...I said "well, I went to high school there, but I'm from elsewhere."  He asked where so I told him MA.  Then his face changed & he said "SO, I 'spose your a PATRIOTS fan..."  I replied "Well, yes, somewhat but I like basketball better."  flat reply from male realtor "SO that would mean you love the Celtics."  My response "Yes, yes I do."  Then this jerk thinks he's so funny (did I mention he goes to me lessor's church?)  and starts singing "Open the Eyes of My Heart LORD; Open the eyes of my heart..." and emd's the song there.  First, if he hadn't changed his tone when he found out where I lived, I would've taken it as a joke.  Also, if he hadn't made his rude comment & actually asked why we have so little space here, I wouldn't have felt defensive & on edge.  After all this he dares to comment "You all should buy this house!"  I curtly reply "Um, no....As you can see there's not enough space for our family.  We will be looking elsewhere thank you!"  He didn't like that response, but I didn't care. 

The house owner & Realtor went outside.  The owner/our lessor came back in & told me she was leaving & let me know he mentioned about how much "stuff we had" & how he didn't like having the cats in the house.  She rolled her eyes, but my thought is...If you don't like his comments, WHY are you signing for him to be your agent just because he goes to your church!  A crappy realtor is still crappy whether he is your friend or not & you should only use who you think is best for you.  All I know is I'm going to dread every time I have to see this man, & he better let me know when he wants to show it or someone is coming & when he wants open houses....cuz I want some notice for me & my "horrible" cats to leave (my cats aren't really horrible but the Realtor doesn't like them...gosh, people have pets dude!) 

I'm wanting to find the best house for us ASAP!!  I want to move out so I don't have to deal with Mr. Judge-all Realtor.  I'm fine with him coming to the house, but I think he should layoff of us the rentors.  Its not like I'm so lowlife.  So, I stay at home, means we're doing pretty well I think.  Thank God I've learned that people's response to our decision doesn't make them right nor should it make me feel I am doing something wrong. 

So, I've got a CPA for our taxes & she can do them this weekend.  Which means we can get approved for a loan by early next week (and know which loan too!!)  I am constructing questions for interviewing buyer's agents and hope to have the sealed up this weekend as, busy busy busy.  I probably won't blog a whole lot.  I will be house hunting, tax checking, loan working, house cleanliness maintaining, box-packing fiend & super juggling wife lady with cats to move around whenever Mr. Realtor man has someone to look at this house. 

I will blog all about it when we get settled in a new home ( and have internet!!)

So, stay strong ladies & remember:  You are amazing & you made a great decision!  Don't let anyone look down on you for it.  In fact, if you ever get rude comments, nicely stand up for yourself!  If you don't like how someone is treating you:  tell them you don't like their attitude & that you feel the comments are unwarranted & its not their place to judge you for your choice of job. 

I'm out!  Talk to you all soon!