Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tip-ful Thursdays

I guess since Valentine's Day is only a few days away, I will give a list of simple tips on how to make your man feel special & loved (everyday or at least on a regular basis):

1.  Always remember to kiss each other when you wake up & go to sleep!

2. Dress up all nice with your hair & makeup done when he get's home--a little pick-me-up for him!

3. Make sure to rotate in his favorite meals on your meal schedule

4. Say "I love you" to your spouse everyday & "say" it again in a unique way once a week (note in lunch, text message, soap on the mirror, sticky note--be creative!)

5. Indulge once in a while & bake some of his favorite cookies

6.  Do something useful that he didn't plan on (finding a way to save money with one of the bills, do one of his "honey-do's", stuff like that)

7. Admit when you are wrong!  I know my man loves when I do that--he knows it takes getting over your pride to do that!

8.  Don't mull over little annoying things--give each other a break!  Cut each other some slack & pass it off as miscommunication

9.  Boast about him to others--say good things & leave the annoyances for once in a while comments to your best gals

10.  Put something extra in his lunch (even if its a little healthy!)

11. Get him some chocolates!

12.  Buy him a single "manly" flower (get a man-ish color with a black, navy or brown bow--no sparkles)

13.  Learn to curb your shopping tendencies how ever you need to!!

14.  Dress up in some lingerie after the kids are in bed (or if you are kid-less, have him see you like that when he comes home)  Be ready for some grownup fun!

15.  Rent a movie he wants to see, even if you aren't particularly into action or thrillers, etc.

16.  Have dinner at a set table when he get's home once in a great while.

17.  Have a sit down dinner with no interruptions!!  Use the fancy china & nice glasses!

18.  Take a walk together--even if its around the neighborhood!

19.  Find out something he really would like but has never asked for--get it for his birthday.

20.  Remind him of holidays & special events--that he needs to plan ahead to get what you want!  Give him a chance to not miss it!

Hope this tips help you!  Remember, no matter what you do this Valentine's, make it something worth remembering for years to come!