Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip-ful Thursdays

Time for a tip today!  First, with the financial theme for this month, Read David Ramsey's books!  They will help...

Make yourself stop when you shop & got to consignment shops if you want to find good deals.  Then you will spend a lot less & come back with more for you money.  You won't feel guilty paying $2.00 for Kate Spade designer shoes that usually run ever $150 on sale.  Granted there is a bunch of sorting through 80's junk & fads that should have NEVER been big, but that's your advantage--you can find real gems.  Like shoes never worn with tags still on them & designer clothes.  Without killing your bank. 

Just also be careful with the housewares & books.  Buying too much can also rack up the money there.  Really be sure you can use what you find.  Again, if you've gone through your closet & cleared it out, you know what you have & what you don't--also you will know what you actually need against what you desire.

I ask myself, "Ok, I really like this pair of shoes, this skirt & etc.  What does it go with?  Does it fit my body style?  Do I like the colors?  DO I have shoes that will match?  DO the shoes I am about to purchase go with what I have?

I recently realized I didn't have any sandal shoes that were brown & that I didn't have anything that didn't look frumpy with skirts (for brown shoes)  So, instead of going to payless or other shoe stores, I went to Goodwill & found three pairs of designer leather shoes (brown) in my size & paid $20 for all of them.  I was sad that a pair of cowboy shoes didn't fit, but--hey--you have to be honest & not buy what doesn't fit, no matter how much you want it...they may get some later.

But, I've found I still need to stop myself.  I went to get the shoes & the skirt I really liked but didn't buy earlier.  I decided I really wanted it, so I was glad to still see it there.  (See, I didn't get it & went back after thinking about it--that's the first thing to stopping compulsive shopping).  I did buy a few other pairs of shoes that I think I needed.  I replaced a pair of brown boots that the soles are worn & leak.  I also found a couple shoes I wanted.  But I paid very little money for them, so I stopped & tried them all on & decided which ones worked & which didn't. Plus, we have set how much I can spend per week.  I can't buy anything for a few weeks now, but that's OK.  I feel good (FINALLY) about what I bought & I don't feel guilty.  I got rid of all the older clothes that won't fit anymore!!  I will be donating them to either Goodwill or if I can find a place to donate clothes to Haiti, I will give them for that. 

So, I guess you don't have to stop spending, you have to know what you spend where & STOP YOURSELF....have a limit & know when you can shop again.  Plus, realize you will screw up, but don't use it as an excuse--do something to make it better.  Know what is coming in & going out.  It will help you realize how & when & what you are spending your money on.

Also, stay warm all of you in the way of the big winter storm!!