Monday, January 4, 2010

The Monday Madness--A little fun mixed into the craziness

So, the holidays are over & now we all must quickly return to a normal daily schedule.  I think that will be the hardest part.  I dropped my exercising because I had shopping & food prep to do; a lot of little chores were dropped to fit in time for festivities.  Plus, the necessary down time needed after all that stress.  You see, this was a busy year:  We went to see friends for Thanksgiving, a week later we were in the car headed to FL for a vacation that was desperately needed but very busy with theme parks, then it was a week before we headed off to family for Christmas...aghh!
I think next year we go on a vacay it will be in the early fall or dead of winter to an all-inclusive resort...but I digress.

I think the biggest part of homemaking that can be difficult is the self-motivation that is necessary.  You have no boss that will fire you if you fail at your job--you house will just be a disorderly mess & things will be left undone.   So, I'm about to try a new type of motivation:  making myself do what needs to be done:  telling myself how great I will feel when the house looks great, the clothes are clean & put away & I have made something delicious for dinner.  It all sounds trivial, but when there are so many technological distractions (believe me, I know--I love my computer, movies, online games) that we have to notice when we are going beyond a break to being drawn away from our work.  Even better would be to incorporate entertainment into the work time.

For instance, I always put on a show rerun or a favorite movie while I fold the laundry.  The reason for a favorite show rerun or movie is so that I'm not completely distracted from my tasks--I know where the plot is going & I will not stop to focus on something I don't want to miss.  Another way to add some fun is I put on fun music when I clean the house.  Yes, I'll even admit I dance a bit.  It just adds a little something to the mundane chore.

So here's to  a new 2010 for all of us!  Find some ways to add a little touch of fun to your daily tasks that help you "Whistle while you work!!"  (thanks Snow White for that great tip!!)

Anyone have any other tips on how to keep focused on chores but also have some fun??  Leave a comment!!