Friday, January 15, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!!!

Ok, ok I know I'm late today on this...most of you are probably not on this late.  Today was crazy.  My hubby got home at 2am (yes, that's 2am) from work.  I stayed up cleaning & working on some clothes recycling projects.  I will post pics of them on Monday. 

For any of you who want some Do It Yourself go to & look up Threadbangers.  You will love all their ideas!  Check out Working Class Foodies as a help too..On a finance note, recycling old clothes that don't fit is a great way to zip up your wardrobe fore practically nothing!  I made a toy for the cats & a new scarf for me!  Save old T-shirts, nice shirts, pants & others.  You may even be able to not just make wardrobe items, but also blankets & quilts...even pillows! 

Save old cloth napkins (that look nice) or buy them together to make a square & then put hte two sides right side together.  Sew three sides & then stuff with: old pillow stuffing or stuffing from a falling apart stuff animal, down feathers, etc.  I encourage you to be creative...I made some things without a pattern!!  IT was so fun to take a break & watch something while I made something new.  Just as much of a rush as I get from shopping (ah ha!  You got it, my alternative high to shopping!!) I'm also finding other ways to fill my time.

I have been getting Glamour magazine for the past year & have signed up for their new Body section with viable workouts & food planning (not like a starving diet).  Go to & click on Body by Glamour.  Its actually very useful & they have audio workouts for every body part you could imagine, done by exercize professionals.  They have great videos & slides to show you how to do the exercises & daily tracking for both food & exercises.  Plus they have a progress tracker with a chance to set your weight goal & update your stats weekly (i.e., weight & measurements-which effect your bmi).  S, get in on the program if you want.

Also, don't forget to do something for yourself this weekend (don't buy anything for you, something free or cheap!)  Maybe do some research on a new hobby or just sleep in a little.  Either way, make yourself feel special & make some family members feel special too.   Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!