Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Madness

Welcome back to a new week!!  And I'm glad its a new one-I feel like I let the chores pile up a bit on the weekend.  OK, I was a little naughty & let the dishes go.  I made the excuse I didn't feel well (which I didn't) but I could have stood there & washed some!  So, goal for next weekend:  NO EXCUSES!  Take 1 day off & then get some basic chores done on the other day! 

As you can see, none of us are perfect--its a learning process for us "Domestic Divas"-in-training!  I just caused myself a Monday Madness (and not the good kind).  SO off to do extra work, but with fun because I've got my trusty favorite tunes on to help!

Found some money left on a debit gift card & did a little shopping for myself!  Woohoo!  That is something I will miss by not working, but I have to cut back.  I will be thrift/second hand & discount store shopping now!  Its worth it to stay at home & I will now tell myself that each time I want to buy:  Do I want to go back to work to have something like this?  Do I need it?  If I can't ask my hubby for us to save for it is it necessary or something I want--Do I still want to save for it?  If the answer is no for any of these questions I WILL NOT BUY IT!!   Then I need to write a list of what I really need & want with my hubby--make a plan for the next few years to stave off the shopping fever I & I know alot of us get into.  So, this is my confession & resolution: stop the shopping!  I will put up sticky notes in rooms to remind me & in my wallet.  Also I will watch "Confessions of a Shop-a-holic" again & again until I see myself as the main character (maybe not as bad but potentially so) and tell myself I need to be good with money!   I will talk with my husband about getting David Ramsey's book: "Total Money Makeover" & "Financial Peace." Check out the posted link to go see his amazing books--there are even ones for kids to help them learn about finances!!

Again, I told you I am writing this blog as I become a "Domestic Diva."  I hope this encourages you that we all have things we are getting better at.  It just feels like I'm a little behind at times because I never learned all this growing up!  Time to learn it now & teach my future children what I wished I known then & now!  Here's to not letting our offspring follow in our footsteps but helping them be better!  Its hard & a daily decision but it will be heftily rewarded when you see them all grown-up & ready to literally "take on the world."  But I must move back into this past weekend.

I will make an effort to not make excuses & recognize them as such.  If I feel like I can't do it alone, I will ask for help from the hubby--he said that's all I need to do!  I will remember that a little maintenance each day will assure I don't have another Monday Madness to get the house in order!

This weekend was frightfully cold for alot of us.  I made sure to make tea & other hot beverages to keep warm & imagined a toasty fireplace as I sipped it all up.  What did you do to stay warm during this little chill many of us have been experiencing?

Also, post any tips on anything I wrote about in this blog.  Have a great Monday & I hope its free from madness!