Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!!!

Yes!  Its Friday & we all made it through another week.  Though I am struggling still with my routine after all that relaxing at relatives houses during the holidays!  Plus, the cold, snowy weather puts one in a "snuggle-up-by-the-fire" mood.  I've had my tea and now its time to get on with putting away what needs to be done. 

This is the day I encourage you to think about something fabulous to do on your "day off."  (that's right!  You need one of those or you will burn out!)  Figure out what fun things you want to do!  Maybe you have a hobby to pick up again.  Whether its music or crocheting or even DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Projects or even online gaming or a movie.  Do something for yourself!  Just don't forget to clean up what you take out so you don't add stress or you will have Monday Madness even worse than usual. 

Heck, why not skip the "stay inside" if its not wintery where you are & do something away from home?  Maybe go out to eat (save room for dessert & bring the rest home for leftovers!!)  or bowl or do something silly like mini putt putt golf.  Go with the kids or see if someone will let you and the hubby go out! 

Whatever you do, don't worry about your job!  This is your day to be pampering!  Take extra time for yourself getting ready, take a bath, do your nails--Saturday will be your day tomorrow & you should look & feel your best!

With that said, Saturday is my day off!  So, no blogs until Sunday or Monday--I plan on chilling out & losing track of most of my time! 

Have a fab weekend!!  Domestic Diva~!