Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tip-ful Thursdays

We all know tips can be useful, as long as they are frugal & viable.  I would like to give you some tips I've found work on Thursdays so you can benefit from what I've discovered from books, website & my own trusty brain!

First tip:  Organization:  get storage boxes of all sorts.  If you are the DIY (DO-it-yourself) type, make all kinds of custom sizes that fit in closets & shelves perfectly. 

If you are sewing-challenged, go ahead & buy some, but searched around in second-hand stores & discounts stores-like Goodwill, Bog Lots, Tuesday Morning, TJ Max, even try Wal-mart (they've gotten trendier stuff), the Dollar Store or Dollar General!  Better yet, if you can shop for them on e-Bay or  (Warning!!  Online shopping can be addictive & you need good self-control or a fail safe--like your hubby having the password & pick secret questions you don't know the answer to. Trust me on this one!) you can get an even greater bargain, but be sure to check the shipping to make sure they don't get a profit off of that with a dirt low price.  

Whatever you do, just promise me you won't go to pricey home improvement & department stores without price checking or unless there are extraordinary sales.  Remember, its better to pay the same price or a little more for high quality items that will last, but not worth paying full or near-to full price. 

However you acquire your organization boxes, make sure to get sizes that work for you.  Have some fun with color--match them up to each room.  Think while you buy--make a list before if you have to--what will go in this box?  Will everything fit?  Have measurements of the shelves & spaces you will use.  We only want planned extras if you acquire more space or need them for later.  (Like for christmas ornaments you know you are going to buy in the future and you want all the storage containers to match).  Remember to get boxes or bags for putting away seasonal clothes and decor items (like those ornaments!!).

This sounds like a lot of work, but it will help not have the attack of the sweaters & jeans falling down on you.  We took open bookshelves from my dorm room & used them to put the boxes in our new "downsized" home after both our layoffs.  Our closet space was cut in half & this idea worked great & kept us from making our room look junky.

So, if you have anymore questions on this...look at my links section & go to Messies Anonymous.  The website there has gret tips on organization that have helped me immensly! 

Have a great Thursday & for those of you in the way of the rather large snow storm I am also getting: stay safe & warm!!