Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Madness

It's Monday again!  Yay!  I'm in a great mood this week.  Though I will miss my hubby who is gone on a business trip for a bit.  Of course, as the good Domestic Diva-in -training that I pack for him (cuz we all know guys aren't always good at knowing how or what to pack!!).  I am hoping to have the house looking even more amazing when he gets home at the end of the week. I did the dishes on Sunday so that removes one HUGE chore today--no morfe dishy pile up anymore!!  I am still trying to organinze the office room, since we just moved recently to a smaller house in a new state after his & my layoffs.  So, organization has been key; along with curbing my shopping habit from having a job.

Speaking of shopping.  I am going to tell myself today "I don't need new clothes or exciting things; I am satisfied."  I have enough already.  I will tell myself  "It's not worth having to go back to work!"  and  "Hubby would like to do nice little things for me if  I would stop shopping!"  or  "I don't need to shop to feel important!"

I am hoping this will change my perspective.  We plan on setting financial goals when he gets back from the biz trip.  That will be great because then I can add:  "No, I don't want _____ now;  I am saving for ______ later." 

I know talking to yourself sounds kinda crazy, but the psychology books I read in a course at my university explained that doing this helps "reprogram" your brain in a way.  You see, we have emotional triggers that become a habit & we pick them up starting as a child.  So, you have to tell yourself something new until it becomes the norm.  Much like any chore or action:  the more often it is done, the less you have to "think" or talk about it--it comes naturally after a while.  The same goes for the mental habits.  Telling yourself you are worth it, you don't need to shop, etc. helps your brain readjust what should be done when you feel down or that trigger hits.  The normal reaction changes if you force it to (its the getting it to change that is work & why speaking out loud helps you break the mental cycle!). 

So, onward with the music & making my house look amazing & getting my hubby's stuff all packed for him!! 

Happy Monday &  stay away from the madness!!